Our Experience

Whether you desire antibodies for Western Blot or Immunohistochemistry, ELISA or ambitious projects that are highly-specialized to your lab, Bio Basic can help you obtain the results that you need. Our antibody synthesis packages are structured give you the freedom to synthesize (from cDNA, peptide or protein) an antibody that will be successful in basic applications or guaranteed to work in your assay of choice. Our qualified team of scientists will assist you in selecting the best package for your project’s goals and will keep you informed throughout the anitbody production process.

To request a quotation or for placing orders, please download our order form (preferred) and email it to our antibody department at antibody@biobasic.com. Alternatively, fill in the quick form below or directly email us with details on your project. Our department will get back to you with a quote and may request more details on your project.

Why work with us?

Premium Service made Affordable

No hidden costs such as “rabbit maintenance”, or “additional immunization boosts”. FREE Additional Boosts and Multiple Screenings.

Peptide Design Included

To add to our simplified pricing structure, we also do not charge any extra for designing peptides.

Functionality Guarantee

Antibodies guaranteed to work in application of choice.
ELISA titer Guarantee > 1:100,000 (Monoclonal)
ELISA titer Guarantee > 1:50,000 (Polyclonal)
Dot Blot Guarantee.

Simple Pricing Structure

You only pay for antigen synthesis (if required), followed by antibody production (fixed fee).

Progress Reports

We keep you updated on your project status through weekly progress reports so you are not left in the dark.

Full Service

Service available from antigen design to antibody purification.


We offer both polyclonal and monoclonal services in rabbits and mice. For monoclonal projects we use mice, while for polyclonal projects, we use rabbits.

For polyclonal production, we offer both standard and guaranteed projects. Our standard projects use protein A or G purification and we guarantee the antibody will be dot-blot positive and have an ELISA titre >1:50,000. For our guaranteed projects, we use antigen affinity purification and in addition to our dot-blot and ELISA guarantee, we also guarantee that the antibody will work in your assay of choice.

Yes, our experienced gene, peptide, and protein teams can produce your antigen in house either synthetically or in a recombinant expression system. Additionally, when ordering an antibody project, we offer these services at a reduced rate. Please inquire for details.

If you are submitting your own antigen for immunization, the requirements vary depending on the project type. For protein antigens, we require 3mg protein (>85% purity) for our standard projects or 5mg protein (>85% purity) for our guaranteed projects. For peptide antigens, we require 20mg peptide (>85% purity).

Yes, we will conjugate the peptide to KLH (keyhole limpet hemocyanin) as a carrier protein for injection with our peptide antigens.

Currently we only produce polyclonal antibodies in rabbits and monoclonal antibodies in mice.