Standard Gene Synthesis

Bio Basic Asia Pacific’s most complete gene synthesis service. This involves synthesizing of the gene followed by the cloning of the gene into a vector. Bio Basic Asia Pacific provides a list of common plasmid vector that you can choose from, alternatively we also accept custom vectors provided by the customers.


Gene Synthesis Workflow

Gene Synthesis Features

Free Codon Optimization Service

Free Cloning into default vectors

Seqeunce verified of insert


Length (bp) Turnaround Time (Business Day) Price (SGD)
≤ 1,500

8 – 10

Please contact our local sales team (
1,501 – 3,000

10 – 12

3,001 – 5,000

15 – 20

5,001 – 6,000

20 – 25

6,001 – 7,000

25 – 30

7,001 – 8,000

30 – 35

8,001 – 10,000

35 – 40

> 10,000

Custom quote

  • Please note that default vectors i.e. pUC-Amp/-Kan will be used. pET vector for bacterial expression is also available. Click here for the list of in-house vectors offered by us
  • For the use of custom vector, please provide the full sequence of the vector and its antibiotic resistance as well as the choice of restriction enzyme sites for the subcloning. Kindly contact us at for further enquiries 
  • Additional turnaround time will be added for complex gene sequences e.g. high GC content, presence of repetitive nucleotide sequence that could lead to formation of secondary structure, etc.

    Upon project completion, we will provide:

    • 2 – 4 μg of lyophilized plasmid DNA

    • ABI file for DNA sequencing

    • SQD file for Sequence Alignment

    • A gene synthesis report

    • Gene sequence in SEQ format

      For ordering or request of quote, kindly email the completed Gene Synthesis Order Form to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

      You may also contact us directly at +65 6954 2519 for any assistance.

      Do kindly provide the following information:

      1. Sequence information (in .txt/FASTA format).

      2. Codon optimization*: Yes or No

      *If codon optimization is required, please provide the following information:

      1. Host expression organism

      2. Optimization start and end positions.

      3. Restriction sites to avoid

      4. Required stop codon (if any)

        3. Cloning (our default vector is pUC-Amp)

        1. Standard cloning: 5’ and 3’ cloning sites

        2. Custom cloning (customer to provide the vector)
          1. Vector name

          2. Vector Size

          3. Antibiotic resistance

          4. Vector sequence

          5. Cloning sites


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