Our Experience

Bio Basic has over 10 years of experience as a DNA Sequencing provider. We offer fast, efficient, and affordable DNA sequencing services to researchers throughout North America, China, Korea, UK and other countries.

We cater to our client’s needs by assigning dedicated project specialists to each project and accommodating their specific requirements to ensure successful project completion Through Sanger sequencing via capillary electrophoresis of fluorescent-labelled DNA-fragments, read lengths of up to 1000bp (typically 800-1000bp) are achieved.


Service Types

i) Standard Sequencing (Steps 1 – 8)

ii) *Enzymatic Clean-up (Default) / Magnetic beads (Select this at Step 4 if required)

iii) *Gel Extraction (Select this at Step 4 if required)

iv) #Ready to run with dye removal (Select this if Steps up to (5) has been pre-performed by customer)

v) #Ready to run (Dry Pellet) (Select this if Steps up to (6) has been pre-performed by customer)

Accepted Sample Types

Purified PCR products

Raw PCR products

Plasmids Samples

RCA Products

Free Additional Runs

A one time free re-sequencing is available upon request. Kindly email us at sg-sequencing@biobasic-asia.com with your request and the team will assist you accordingly.

Sometimes better results are obtained in the second run whereby further optimization is performed as possible issues discovered during the initial run allows for the team to use a more suitable protocol for the sequencing.  

Hence, it is important to provide us with information such as presence of hairpin loop in the sequencing template, GC-rich region, or sample with low concentration etc, so that the team can take note and adopt an appropriate protocol in the first run.

Free Gel Analysis

We will perform gel analysis at no additional cost for QC of the fragment length.

Gel QC will be sent along with the Sequencing results.

100+ Free Universal Primers

We provide more than 100 free universal primers to cater to your sequencing reaction.

Kindly find the downloadable primer list with their respective sequence here

Short Turnaround Time

Within 24 hours upon sample receival on a normal working day. This applies to orders received on a Friday as well.

  • Additional 1 working day required for Gel Extraction and Magnetic Beads services (Locally based Customers)

1) Enzymatic Clean-up (Default)

Enzymatic cleanup of crude PCR samples using ExoSAP:

  • Recombinant, Heat Labile Shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase: removes excess nucleotides via dephosphorylation.
  • Recombinant, Heat Labile Exonuclease I: Degrades single stranded DNA such as excess oligonucleotide primers.

2) Magnetic Beads

Magnetic beads bind reversibly to nucleic acids and are immobilised through an external magnetic field, allowing the removal of impurities during the wash step. After which, purified DNA samples are released from the magnetic beads with the use of an elution buffer and the removal of the external magnetic field.

3) Gel Extraction

Gel extraction enables the removal of impurities such as nucleotides enzymes, salts etc via direct isolation of desired DNA fragments of interest.

1) Ready to run with dye removal

Cycle sequencing reaction has been performed. Reaction mix after the thermal cycler stage submitted as a sample.
Upon receipt, dye terminator removal will be performed prior processing in the DNA analyzer.

2) Ready to run (Dry Pellet)

Cycle sequencing has been performed and samples have been purified and submitted in dry pellet form.
Upon receipt, the sample will be resuspended for direct processing in the DNA analyzer.

Kindly submit the order via our customer portal site at the top right hand corner of the website.

You may also contact us directly at sg-sequencing@biobasic-asia.com or +65 6954 2519 for any assistance.

Visit our Download page for guide on the ordering process, samples requirements, preparation and other relevant information.