ATAC Sequencing

Assay For Transposase Accessible Chromatin Sequencing (ATAC-sequencing) is a fast and sensitive high throughput sequencing method for epigenomic profiling of open chromatin, DNA binding proteins, and nucleosome position. ATAC sequencing uses hyperactive TN5 transposase to simultaneously cut and ligate adapters for high throughput sequencing at regions of increased accessibility. This technique will allow multidimensional assays of the regulatory landscape of chromatin with a relatively simple and fast protocol.

Unlike methods such as MNase-sequencing, ChIP-sequencing, and Dnase-sequencing which often requires tens to hundreds of millions of cells as input material, ATAT-sequencing can be carried out with a standard sample Size of 50,000 cells. Therefore, ATAC-sequencing is a fast and sensitive alternative to DNase-Sequencing for assaying genome-wide chromatin accessibility, or to MNase for assaying nucleosome positions in accessible regions of the genome.

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  • Gain mechanistic insight into gene regulation, cellular response to treatment or disease
  • Identify which transcription factors are driving cell fate, disease, or response
  • Limited patient samples
  • Low requirements on the amount of the biological sample, and the whole protocol requires 3 hours in total

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