Non-modified Oligo Synthesis

In Bio Basic Asia Pacific, our facilities are especially designed for large volume custom production by incorporating automation to ensure consistent production capacity of 10,000 oligos per day, with length as short as 11 bases and up to 130 bases, followed with a range of purification methods (Desalted, HAP, HAP-MS, PAGE, HPLC & HPLC-CE) to choose from.


Purification Methods







On average it takes about:

  • 2 business days for standard oligos (Desalt and HAP).

  • +2-3 days for PAGE or HPLC purification.

  • +1-2 days for longer oligos (longer than 60 bases)
    *Turnaround times will vary on current throughput, volumes and complexity of the order.

Upon project completion, we will provide:

  • Final modified oligo product at customer’s desired scale
  • User manual
  • Delivery report, which includes:
    1. Quality inspection report

    2. Capillary Electrophoresis report

    (Note: For HPLC_CE (IVD) products, both mass spectrometry report and capillary Electrophoresis report are available)

        For Oligo Orders, kindly provide the following information:

        1. A unique oligo name

        2. Sequence in 5′ to 3′

        3. Desired final yield (in OD)

        4. Desired purification (Desalt, HAP, HAP+MS, PAGE, HPLC or HPLC-CE)

        5. Modifications (if any) in their respective location

        For ordering or request of quote, kindly email the completed Oligo Synthesis Order Form to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

        You may also contact us directly at +65 6954 2519 for any assistance.


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