Monoclonal Antibody Production

Bio Basic’s monoclonal antibody service is geared towards offering custom antibodies that will simply work, regardless of the intended application.

Through collaborating with you from the beginning (antigen design and quality control), the middle (sending you supernatant samples from positive clones for evaluation) and until the end (providing your desired positive clone and purified antibody) of the entire process, we guarantee our custom monoclonal antibodies will be successful in your assay.

Project Process

Service Protocol:

  1. 5 Balb/c mice immunised.
  2. B cells isolated from mice spleen.
  3. B cells fused with myeloma cells to form hybridomas.
  4. Hybridomas screened for desired antibody production (ELISA).
  5. Antibody-producing hybridomas cloned (2-4 rounds).
  6. Antibody production.
  7. Antibody purification (Protein A/G affinity purification).
  8. Antibody validation (ELISA, dot blot).