Oxford Nanopore Technologies has developed the nanopore-based DNA and RNA sequencing technology.

The nanopore sequencer is proven compatible with a variety of input material such as genomic DNA, amplified DNA, cDNA, and RNA.

Bio Basic Asia Pacific is providing nanopore sequencing service which perform DNA/RNA sequencing directly and in real time. This technology is scalable from miniature devices to high-throughput installations.

Nanopore technology has wide applications in the life sciences, including identification of pathogens, food safety monitoring, genomic analysis, metagenomic environmental monitoring, and characterization of bacterial antibiotic resistance. Nanopore sequencer has some highlighted advantages. For high molecular weight DNA (HMW-DNA) samples, ultra long read lengths of several hundred kb may be sequenced in a single continuous read. The Nanopore sequencing data significantly improve de novo genome assemblies and structural genomic variant and transcriptome studies. It directly sequences the native strand of interest, without optics or amplification.

Different types of library preparation protocols allow for the direct DNA/RNA sequencing with epigenetic information. Meanwhile, real-time streaming of sequence data allows rapid insight into samples, on-demand sequencing, and dynamic workflows.

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Each consumable flow cell can now generate 10–30 Gb of DNA sequence data. Ultra long read lengths are possible (hundreds of kb) as you can choose your fragment length. The MinION streams data in real time so that analysis can be performed during the experiment and workflows are fully versatile.

The MinION is being used for a number of biological analysis techniques including de novo sequencing, targeted sequencing, metagenomics, epigenetics and more.





GridION X5 is a compact benchtop system designed to run and analyse up to five MinION Flow Cells. It has advantages of nanopore sequencing: Simple library preparation, real-time analysis and new biological insights from long reads.





PromethION offers the same real-time, long-read, direct DNA and RNA sequencing technology as MinION and GridION, at much larger scale. PromethION is suitable for large scale projects such as population-scale sequencing or plant genomics, or for large scale service offerings.

PromethION is designed to deliver sub-$1,000 human genomes.


Applications of Nanopore Technology


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