Primer Walking (Full Sequencing)

Full sequencing is optimal for studying long gene sequences. Due to the nature of Sanger sequencing, only one primer is required in each sequencing reaction to produce a good read length of ~800bp.

If your region of interest is longer than 1.5kb, primer walking will be required to obtain the full ROI length. Synthesized primers are designed from known region ~600 – 700bp which are highly reliable.

Service Includes

1) Primer Design and Synthesis

2) Sequencing Reactions and Analysis

  • Individual Sequencing results (ab1 files and Seq files)
  • A consensus file in Seq format
  • 100uM stock of the designed primer (Upon request; otherwise discarded after 3 months.) 

The turnaround may varies based on a few factors: 

  • Size of region of interest
  • Presence of difficult region
  • Quality of sample
  • Availability of reference sequence

The total cost for primer walking service will varies depending on the number of primer walking required ( No. of  primer designed with sequencing) + number of standard sequencing performed. 

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