Monoclonal Antibody Production

Bio Basic’s Polyclonal Antibody Service is designed to supply you with custom, affinity purified pAbs that are guaranteed to detect your antigen of choice using ELISA (titer >1:50,000) and dot blot assays. Unlike other facilities, all Bio Basic’s packages include free antigen design as well as no extra cost for additional boosts and screenings following immunization; in addition, packages which guarantee pAbs that will work in your assay of choice are also available for your ultimate peace of mind. Our peptide-supplied and protein-supplied packages are equipped to handle any antigen; our experienced scientists will conjugate your peptide and subject your protein to rigorous quality control prior to immunization to optimize serum antibody yield.

Project Process

Service Protocol:

  1. Antigen design, synthesis and conjugation.
  2. Immunization of 2-4 New Zealand rabbits.
  3. Additional boosts and screenings (ELISA, dot blot).
  4. Serum separation from blood clot and serum collection (antibodies in rabbit blood).
  5. Affinity Purification (Protein A/G or Antigen).
  6. Antibody validation (ELISA, dot blot).