Prokaryotic RNA Sequencing

Besides eukaryotic RNA sequencing service, Bio basic Asia Pacific is also dedicated to providing prokaryotic RNA sequencing to investigate prokaryotic gene expression profiling needs by utilizing the latest techniques.

There are significant differences of cDNA library construction between bacterial RNA-Seq and Eukaryotic RNA. Ribo-Zero ribosomal RNA depletion chemistry is used to place a poly-A-Tail selection, which makes this method particularly suited for bacteria mRNA which lack a poly-A tail.

Bio Basic Asia Pacific provides both Hiseq and Novaseq platforms to provide a fast and accurate prokaryotic RNA sequencing and bioinformatics analysis for our customers.

Our highly experienced expert team executes quality management, following every procedure to ensure reliable results.

Sequencing Platforms

HiSeq / Novaseq

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Bioinformatics Analysis

  • Data quality control
  • Mapping reads to reference genome
  • Differential expression analysis
  • Novel transcript prediction
  • Transcriptome function annotation
  • Operon and TSS/TTS Prediction
  • GO enrichment analysis of differentially expressed genes (DEGs)
  • SD sequence prediction
  • sRNA secondary structure prediction
  • sRNA targeted gene prediction
(More analysis upon request)

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