Circular RNA Sequencing

Circular RNAs are characterized by covalently closed loop feature thus lacking 5’ end caps and 3’ poly-A tails. It is a novel member of the non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs), generated by non-sequential back splicing of exons, introns, or both.

When first identified in the 1970s, circular RNAs were regarded as viral genomes or by products of mis-splicing events. But recent researches have revealed that Circular RNAs are evolutionarily conserved across plants, animals, and human beings, with important biological functions.

Circular RNAs are highly stable forms of ncRNAs due to their nuclease resistance properties.

Sequencing Platforms

HiSeq / Novaseq

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Bioinformatics Analysis

  • Circular RNAs identification
  • Expression and differential expression of Circular RNAs
  • Enrichment analysis of the source genes of differential Circular RNAs
  • Discover miRNA targets from Circular RNAs
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  • Identifies known and novel circular RNAs
  • Allows profiling of circular RNAs across a wide dynamic ranges
  • Discover novel biomarkers and circular RNAs regulatory networks

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