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10kDa – 250kDa Wide Range BlueRedGreen Three Color Prestained Protein Ladder

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Bio Basic pre-stained protein ladder is designed for estimating the approximate size of separated proteins on SDS-PAGE gel. The ladders are a mixture of recombinant proteins ranging from 10kDa to 250kDa. Red or green bands at 70kDa and 25kDa provide easy references for molecular weight identification. The molecular weights of the pre-stained ladders are confirmed using the Tris-Glycine SDS-PAGE system with an accuracy of >95% by using unstained protein ladders. The protein ladders are highly stable with minimal band broadening during storage. Products are conveniently packaged and ready to use, with no heating, diluting or additional reducing agent required.

Product Features:

High Membrane Binding Affinity

Three indicated pre-stained ladders (5μl loading each) were electrophoresed and transferred to a PVDF membrane. Pictures were taken after membrane transfer(0 hour washing), 3 hour washing, and overnight washing by TBS/T buffer.  All of our BZ0011G protein marker bands remained highly clear and visible after washing with TBS-T overnight as compared to other competitor pre-stained protein ladder. 

Product Code(s): BZ0011G
Size Range:

10kDa – 250kDa

Storage: -20oC