Short Tandem Repeat (STR) is the short nucleotide (2-13bp) repetition sequence present in the non-coding region of each genome. This repeating sequence, also referred to as microsatellite, can exist in thousands of genomes within an individual, whereby the repeated number has a unique value depending on the species. Although using these individual or species differences is possible for genetic mapping, it is STR genotyping analysis that allows for the accurate analysis of repeated numbers.

We provide a variety of services that maximize research effects, from sample sampling to analysis.

  1. Biological resource of various flora and fauna
  2. Biodiversity
  3. Molecular phylogenetic
Related Services:

FLA (Fragment Length Analysis); RFLP; INDEL

Supplementary Service:
  1. Literature and database search/analysis
  2. Primer/labelled oligo design and production
  3. Marker Validation
  4. DNA Extraction
  5. PCR Amplification
  6. Multiplex Setup