Our Oligo Modifications

We at Bio Basic have modified our oligo synthesis process to allow a simpler and more consistent approach to this pricing structure and final yield deliverable. Because of this we guarantee the total yield of each oligonucleotide as a FIXED final yield in OD units.

Synthesis of modified oligos is one of our key specialties, and is also one of the most affordable premium services in the market. Our modified oligos are all HPLC purified ONLY.Pricing listed below includes HPLC purification (no extra cost).

Cost per modified oligo = Table A (Modifications) + Table B (Synthesis)

i.e. = [selected modification cost at desired final OD] + [standard price/base for HPLC Purified oligo at a given length].

Table B - Synthesis:

* = Based on an oligo length of 30 bases.

** = An additional purification cost per oligo for HPLC (non-modified) and HPLC-CE purified oligos.

Remember that the synthesis scale (25 nmol, 100 nmol etc.), refers to the STARTING MATERIAL for oligo synthesis, and NOT the FINAL yield. Oligo length, sequence, GC content and coupling efficiencies alter the final nmol yield. Different purification methods alter the final yield as well.Bio Basic guarantees the final yield of each oligo nucleotide as a fixed yield in OD units.