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T75 Cell Culture Flask, TC Treated, 75cm², Sterile, PS, Angled Neck (Vent or Sealed Cap)

Catalog Number: BCC201075/BCC201075S
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SGD 165.00

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Product Code(s): BCC201075/BCC201075S
Flask Size(s): 75cm²
Pack Size(s): 5pcs/bag, 18bags/case
Cap Type: Vent or Sealed Cap

Culture flask are specifically designed for growth and propagation of microbial, insect or mammalian cells. The flasks are made out of clear Polystyrene (PS). Tissue Culture (TC) treated flasks offer an ideal setting for adherent cell culture. Additionally, the angled neck permits effortless access to the culture surface and spill-free media pouring. 

The sealed cap of the flask is typically used in an environment without carbon dioxide, it provides a liquid and air tight seal. The vented cap enables gas exchange without compromising sterility.

Colour: Clear, transparent 
Material: Polystyrene (PS)
Sterile: Yes, γ Sterilization 
Storage: 18 – 25oC