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SpeedyCut AgeI Restriction Enzyme

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AgeI is categorized as a SpeedyCut series Restriction Enzymes (RE). It is a subset of RE that are capable of cutting DNA within 5 – 15 minutes. All SpeedyCut RE are compatible with the universal SpeedyOne buffer, this universal buffer allows for combination of different enzymes within a standardized reaction system without the need for multiple rounds of single enzyme cuts. They are convenient, stable, fast and can accurately cut DNA.

AgeI is a type of Type II class RE. The SpeedyCut series RE undergoes strict quality control processes to ensure its reliability for rapid digestion of plasmid DNA, genomic DNA and PCR products.

Recognition Site: 5’…-A↓CCGGT-…3
Product Code(s): SGRE00500
Pack Content(s):

SpeedyCut AgeI RE – 25μl

10X SpeedyOne buffer – 1ml


Stored at -20