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Filtered Pipette Tips, 20µl, Broad, Low-Retention, Sterile, Racked

Catalog Number: U203F-B-L
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Please check with us for exact fit for your 20µl pipettes



Product Code(s): U203F-B-L
Tip Size(s): 20µl
Pack Size(s): 50racks/case (96 Tips/rack)

Universal Filtered Tip, Natural, Sterile, 96/Rack. Filtered Pipette tips with filter inserts to minimise cross-contamination with liquids and aerosols during the pipetting. These universal tips provide seamless fitting to most popular general micropipettes in the market.

Low Retention tips reduce leftover of residual liquid in the pipette tips, especially for viscous liquids. This ensures a precise and accurate liquid transfer for your molecular biology work.   

Colour: Natural, Clear
Material: 100% virgin Polypropylene
Fit: Universal Fit: Please check with us for exact fit for your pipettes for 20µl Filtered Tips
Yes (via e-beam)
DNase & RNase-free: Yes
Storage: 18 – 25oC