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Enhanced Bradford Protein Assay Kit

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The Bradford Protein Assay Kit is a quantitative protein assay method, based on the binding of a dye, Coomassie Brilliant Blue G-250 to a protein. Over time, when protein and G-250 aggregate , it will lead to formation of sediments which has lower absorbance value at 595nm.

To combat this issue, this kit has special reagents added to inhibit sedimentation of molecules from the G-250 protein complex within 30 minutes.

The UV-Visible Spectrophotometry can be used to perform 200 assays 

The Microplate Method can be used to perform 1000 assays

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Pack Content(s):

Bradford reagent – 200ml

BSA Standard protein (1mg/ml) – 5ml


Store Bradford at 2 – 8o

Store BSA Standard protein at -20oC.

This kit has a shelf-life of 2 years


This reagent kit is intended solely for in vitro experiments and is not suitable for clinical, therapeutic, or in vivo experiments involving animals