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BB Total Virus Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit (Column Based)

Catalog Number: BVIK00100
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Description: The BB Total Virus Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit (Column Based) provides a fast, simple, and cost-effective method for the isolation of viral DNA/RNA from cell-free samples such as serum, plasma, body fluids and the supernatant of virus-infected cell cultures. Its unique buffer system will efficiently lyse cells and degrade protein, allowing for the nucleic acid to be easily bound by the glass fiber matrix of the column. Contaminants such as salts, metabolites and soluble macromolecular cellular components are removed in the Wash Step. The phenol extraction and ethanol precipitation are not required, and high-quality nucleic acid is eluted in the RNase-free elution buffer. Viral DNA/RNA isolated with BB Total Virus Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit is suitable for a variety of routine applications, including the Real-time PCR/RT-PCR, Automated Fluorescent DNA Sequencing, PCR, and other enzymatic reactions. The entire procedure can be completed within 20mins.
Product Code(s): BVIK00100
Format: Spin Column
Sample Type(s):

Up to 200µl of Virus Sample (Serum, Plasma, Body Fluids),

Up to 300µl of Whole Blood

Pack Size(s):

100 reactions


Up to 24 months at 18 – 25°C