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BB Genomic DNA Isolation Kit (Blood/Cultured Cell/Fungus)(Column Based)

Catalog Number: BDIK00100
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Description: The BB Genomic DNA Isolation Kit (Blood/Cultured Cell/Fungus) (Column Based) is designed specifically for genomic DNA isolation from the whole blood, frozen blood, buffy coat, cultured animal/bacterial cells and fungus using a spin column format. This unique optimised buffer system ensures genomic DNA with high yield and good quality from samples. The spin column is designed to purify or concentrate genomic DNA products which have been previously isolated using buffers. The entire procedure can be completed in 1 hour without phenol/chloroform extraction. Purified genomic DNA is suitable for downstream applications such as PCR or other enzymatic reactions.
Product Code(s): BDIK00100
Format: Spin Column
Sample Type(s):

Up to 300μl of Whole Blood,

Up to 200μl of Frozen Blood,

Up to 200μl of Buffy Coat,

Up to 1 x 107 Cultured Animal cells,

Up to 1 x 109 Cultured Bacteria cells,

Up to 5 x 107 Fungus cells


Up to 50µg

Elution volume:

50 – 200µl

Pack Size(s):

100 reactions


Up to 24 months at 18 – 25°C