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BB Gel-Red Plus (10000X) (DNA Staining Reagent)

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Description: BB Gel-Red Plus is a novel DNA-binding dye which ensures high sensitivity and quality. Compared with Ethidium bromide (EtBr), BB Gel-Red Plus is a more responsive DNA staining reagent under the UV transillumination and is one of the most sensitive staining agent for detecting dsDNA on the agarose gel with low background noise. BB Gel-Red Plus is also stable as it does not degrade during the electrophoresis process (Pre-staining method). It also only requires 30mins of post-staining and can be immediately visualized under UV without any detaining or washing. This dye is designed to have minimal effects on the DNA migration pattern as compared to other dyes such as SYBR Green. In addition, the BB Gel-Red Plus is more reliable and safe as compared to EtBr as it does not penetrate the cell membrane. The BB Gel-Red Plus is compatible for both agarose and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis; can be used for dsDNA, ssDNA or RNA staining. Compatible with downstream application such as Gel extraction/purification, sequencing and cloning
Product Code(s): BPR00500
Recommended Dilution: 1:10,000
Compatible Documentation System: UV documentation system (Optimal)
Pack Size(s): 500μl

Up to 24 months at 2 – 8°C, Protect from light