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Erlenmeyer Flask with Vented Cap, PC, 500ml (Flat & Baffled Bottom)

Catalog Number: BEF220500V / BEF210500V
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Product Code(s): BEF220500V / BEF210500V
Flask Size(s): 500ml
Pack Size(s): 12pcs/case (individually packed)

500ml Polycarbonate (PC) bottle with vented caps that have 0.22μm PTFE membrane filter for gas exchange without contamination. These flasks are both impact and oxidation resistant. It can also withstand high temperature up to 121°C. There flasks are commonly used in microbiology or media preparation.  Baffled version helps to create turbulence during shaking to increase air exchange and mixing. Sterilized by radiation, SAL=10-6

Colour: Clear, Natural
Material: Polycarbonate (PC)
Sterile: Yes
DNase & RNase-free: Yes
Storage: 18 – 25oC