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Pre-cast Gel (Bis-Tris), Linear Gel %, 1.0mm, 10wells

Catalog Number: BPCG1010B-010T, BPCG1010B-012T, BPCG1010B-015T
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Product Code(s): BPCG1010B-010T, BPCG1010B-012T, BPCG1010B-015T
Cassette size: 100×89×4.8mm (mini gel format)
Pack Size(s): 10 gels/pack

Bio Basic Asia Pacific’s Pre-cast polyacrylamide gels are made for high-performance and better band resolution for your downstream protein identification. Produced using automated gel casting technology to ensure consistent and stable gel quality. This pre-cast gels do not contain SDS. Compatible with denaturing and native electrophoresis. 

Resolving Gel Percentage: 10%, 12%, 15%
Height of 4% stacking gel: 1.5cm
Gel Thickness: 1.0mm
Well Format: 10 wells
Max sample loading volume:
Running Buffer: MOPS or MES Running Buffer
Compatibility: Most mainstream mini electrophoresis tanks on the market, such as Bio-Rad, Tanon and Junyi Dongfang, etc. (Life Technology Novex Mini-Cell (use with BBAP adaptor))
Storage: Stored at 4℃ for 12 months; do not freeze