Pricing and Turnaround

Below are tables containing the summary of pricing for our Gene Synthesis services. For more details on a particular service, please click on their respective service link page. We strive to make our pricing structures as clear and transparent as possible, so feel free to contact us at should anything be unclear about our pricing structure or service process, and we will be happy to assist you.

Price Matching: Upon evaluation, we will match or beat competitor pricing upon presentation of a quote, or promotional link from any competitor, whenever possible.

Where min. price = The minimum price each gene will cost, regardless of the price per base pair.
For e.g. a 500bp gene at $0.09/bp will cost = $45. However, because the minimum price per gene is $99, the price for that gene will instead be = $99

Note: Prices displayed above are in USD. Should you have any questions, please contact our gene synthesis team


  • Free Gene Optimization.
  • 2-4ug of lyophilized gene in vector.
  • No hidden costs or “set-up” charges.
  • Free cloning in standard vector.**
  • Genes are fully cloned and 100% sequence verified.
  • We can match or beat any competitor's price