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Pipette Tips, 1000µl, Extended, Sterile, Stacked Refill System

Catalog Number: U206-EX-ST
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Please refer to this video guide on how to use our Universal stacked refill system tips (U201-ST, U205-ST & U206-EX-ST).


Product Code(s): U206-EX-ST
Tip Size(s): 1000µl
Pack Size(s): 50racks/case

Universal Non-Filtered Tip, Blue, Sterile, 50racks/case.  These universal non-filtered tips provide seamless fitting to most popular general micropipettes in the market, to provide quality liquid transfer for your general laboratory work. 

Extended versions provide more allowance to prevent over-suction that might lead to contamination of pipettes and samples, or for the use of reverse pipetting technique.  

Stacked refill system provides a quick and easy solution to refill your tips immediately for your precious experiments. In addition, the compact tower system helps to save space and at the same time keeping a tidy storage area.

Colour: Blue
Material: 100% virgin Polypropylene
Fit: Universal Fit: Eppendorf, Gilson and most popular pipettes
Sterile: Yes
DNase & RNase-free: Yes
Storage: 18 – 25oC