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Pipette Tips, 10µl, Sterile, Stacked Refill System

Catalog Number: U201-ST
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Please refer to this video guide on how to use our Universal stacked refill system tips (U201-ST, U205-ST & U206-EX-ST).


Product Code(s): U201-ST
Tip Size(s): 10µl
Pack Size(s): 100racks/case

Universal Non-Filtered Tip, Natural, Sterile, 100racks/case.  These universal non-filtered tips provide seamless fitting to most popular general micropipettes in the market, to provide quality liquid transfer for your general laboratory work. 

Stacked refill system provides a quick and easy solution to refill your tips immediately for your precious experiments. In addition, the compact tower system helps to save space and at the same time keeping a tidy storage area.

Colour: Natural, Clear
Material: 100% virgin Polypropylene
Fit: Universal Fit: Eppendorf, Gilson and most popular pipettes
Sterile: Yes
DNase & RNase-free: Yes
Storage: 18 – 25oC