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Lowry Protein Assay Kit

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Lowry Protein Assay Kit is commonly used for protein quantification. Under alkaline conditions, the proteins react with copper to form protein copper complex that reduces phosphomolybdic acid phosphotungstic acid reagent (Folin Phenol Reagent), producing a dark blue complex. It is a mixture of phosphomolybdic blue and phosphotungstic blue. The dark blue complex has an absorbance of 745-750nm.

This method sensitivity is 100 times higher than of Biuret Assay.

The UV-Visible Spectrophotometry can be used to perform 100 assays 

The Microplate method can be used to perform 1000 assays

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Pack Content(s):

Solution A – 2ml

Solution B – 100ml

BSA Standard Protein (5mg/ml) – 1ml

Folin Phenol Reagent – 10ml


Store solution A and B at 4o

Store Folin Phenol Reagent at 4oC in the dark

Store BSA Standard protein at -20oC.

This kit has a shelf-life of 2 years


This reagent kit is intended solely for in vitro experiments and is not suitable for clinical, therapeutic, or in vivo experiments involving animals