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Enhanced BCA Protein Assay kit

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Bicinchoninic Acid (BCA) Protein Assay Kit is a Copper-based colorimetric assay for total protein quantification. It works by producing a purple complex when proteins react with BCA, with a strong absorbance of 562nm.

This method is more sensitive and straightforward to execute and is less influenced by interfering factors such as detergents as compared to (BPA00401). The special component in this kit, Reagent C can effectively reduce the interference of residual agent in proteins.

The UV-Visible Spectrophotometry can be used to perform 500 assays 

The ELISA method can be used to perform 1000 assays

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Pack Content(s):

5X Solution A – 100ml

Solution B – 10ml

Reagent C – 260mg

Solution D – 100ml

BSA Standard protein (2mg/ml) – 10ml


Store Solution A, B and D at 4o

Store BSA Standard protein and reagent C at -20oC.

This kit has a shelf-life of 2 years


This reagent kit is intended solely for in vitro experiments and is not suitable for clinical, therapeutic, or in vivo experiments involving animals