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BsmBI Restriction Enzyme

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BsmBI is categorized as an isoschizomer of Esp3I, one of the SpeedyCut series of restriction enzymes (RE) but with better stability. The specialized buffer employed optimizes the activity of BsmBI, making it unsuitable for use with the universal SpeedyOne buffer. The specialized 10X buffer can be used interchangeably with BspQI RE (SGRE00200). Notably, this reaction buffer features a recombinant albumin component, significantly enhancing the enzyme’s stability.

Belonging to the Type IIS class of RE, BsmBI recognizes non-palindromic DNA sequences and performs digestion beyond the recognition site. BsmBI is widely applied in experimental techniques such as Golden Gate assembly, rapid cloning, and large-scale plasmid linearization.

Recognition Site:  5’…-CGTCTC(N)1↓…-3′
Product Code(s): SGRE00100
Pack Content(s):

BsmBI RE – 100μl (1KU)

10X BsmBI buffer – 1ml


Stored at -20