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BB Neo Green Plus (20000X) (DNA Staining Reagent)

Catalog Number: BPR00300
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Description: BB Neo Green Plus is a next-generation DNA-binding dye which ensures high sensitivity and quality. Compared with Ethidium bromide (EtBr), BB Neo Green Plus is a more responsive DNA staining reagent under the UV transillumination and is one of the most sensitive staining agent for detecting dsDNA on the agarose gel. The dye is designed based on the properties relevant to PCR, such as PCR inhibition, stability and fluorescence spectra of the dye. In addition, the BB Neo Green Plus is more reliable and safe, as the stained gel can be also be visualized under blue-light transilluminator, thus avoiding the risk of skin/eye damage as well as reducing the side effects of DNA modification caused by the UV light
Product Code(s): BPR00300
Recommended Dilution: 1:20,000
Compatible Documentation System: Blue-Light transilluminator documentation system (Optimal)
Pack Size(s): 500μl

Up to 12 months at 2 – 8°C