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BB nano FasTaq Hot-Start DNA Polymerase

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Description: BB nano FasTaq Hot-Start DNA Polymerase, is an enhanced hot start enzyme DNA Polymerase engineered with nano technology, which differentiates from the traditional methods of hot start enzymes. It provides the convenience and reliability towards your research destination. BB Taq covers reactions at room temperature and cycling conditions (using same protocol) as the conventional Taq as well as reducing nonspecific primer annealing, improving product yield and ideal for PCR products application of up to 5kb
  • High Specificity and Yield amplification
  • High Sensitivity: Low input DNA requirement
  • Amplification of long target DNA fragments
  • Inhibitor resistant
Product Code(s): BPR00200

BB Taq Hot-Start DNA Polymerase  –  100μl x 1 vial (500Units)

10X PCR buffer  –  1,250μl x 1 vial


Up to 24 months at -20°C