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Bacterial Protein Extraction Kit

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This kit is used for extraction of proteins that are biologically active soluble proteins and high-purity inclusion bodies from bacterial cells.

This kit can meet the needs of 1L cell culture (OD600=1) or 10X 100-200mg wet weight extraction experiment of E. coli

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Pack Content(s):

10X Cell Lysis Buffer – 5ml

DNase/RNase – 200μl

Lysozyme – 1ml

PMSF – 500μl

2X SDS Gel-Loading Buffer – 0.2ml


 Store DNase/RNase, Lysozyme, PMSF, 2X SDS SDS Gel-Loading Buffer at -20oC.

Store 10X Cell Lysis Buffer at 18 – 25oC

This kit has a shelf-life of 2 years


This reagent kit is intended solely for in vitro experiments and is not suitable for clinical, therapeutic, or in vivo experiments involving animals