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PCR 96-well Plate, 0.2ml, Clear (non-Skirted/semi-Skirted)

Catalog Number: BPP02096 / BPP02096S
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Product Code(s): BPP02096 / BPP02096S
Well Size(s): 0.2ml (96well)
Pack Size(s): 50plates/case (10plates/pack)

Made of USP Grade VI polypropylene with ultra-thin wall technology offers an excellent and consistent heat transfer, leading to faster and more robust reactions. Clear letterings helps to distinguish well location and keep track of samples. Semi-skirted designs provide the “grippers” in automation system with the side surfaces to grasp, whereas non-skirted plates are not fitting for automation. Compatible with most standard thermocycler.

Colour: Clear
Material: USP Grade VI Polypropylene
Sterile: Yes
DNase & RNase-free: Yes
Storage: 18 – 25oC