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96 Well Cell Culture Plate, Non-TC Treated, U Bottom, Sterile, PS

Catalog Number: BCC111096U
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Product Code(s): BCC111096U
Plate Size(s): 127.39mm x 85.30mm
Pack Size(s): 1pcs/pack, 50pcs/case (Individually Packed)

96 Well Cell Culture Plates are made out of clear Polystyrene (PS). It can be used for serology, microbiology, cell culture, sample storage and transportation. Non Tissue Culture (TC) treated plate is suitable for non adherent cell suspension culture, these plates are designed for use in cell suspension. U bottom plates has a rounded bottom that are well suited for stirring ,washing of samples and for agglutination

These plates also provide flexibility to run multiple samples simultaneously.

Colour: Clear, transparent 
Material: Polystyrene (PS)
Sterile: Yes, γ Sterilization
Storage: 18 – 25oC