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100mm Cell Culture Dish, Advanced TC Treated, Gripping Ring, Flat Bottom, Sterile, PS

Catalog Number: BCC221100F
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Product Code(s): BCC221100F
Culture Area(s): 55cm²
Pack Size(s):

10pcs/pack, 30packs/case


Cell culture dish are made out of clear Polystyrene (PS),they are shallow containers used to grow microbes or cell. It creates a controlled environment for cells to grow and propagate within the culture. Advanced TC treated dish has an increased negative charged and hydrophilic properties compared to standard TC treated surfaces, which enhance the binding and growth of cell. These advanced surfaces allow cells to efficiently adapt in low-serum or serum-free medium, and also cells directly from cryopreservation. It also minimise the need for additional biological coatings and reduce cell lost during assay manipulations.

Flat bottom dish allows for the best light transmission which is ideal for adherent cell cultures and is best suited for microscopes, additionally with the Gripping Ring design, there’s an improved handling of these dishes. 

Colour: Clear, transparent 
Material: Polystyrene (PS)
Sterile: Yes, γ Sterilization
Storage: 18 – 25oC