General Genomic DNA Sequencing

Based on the reference sequence of the genome to be analyzed, BIO BASIC provides ‘Primer Design’ and ‘PCR setup’, and full/partial high quality sequencing service by Sanger sequencing method. This Sanger service is efficient for mutation detection and verification of NGS result. We have extensive experience and expertise in the sequencing of various organisms such as viruses and bacteria, including the human genome. You’ll also get more complete results with the variety of service options you need for each project.

Service Features:
  1. Re-Sequencing of genomic region
  2. Primer walking project
  3. PCR primer design
  4. PCR amplification
  5. Verification of NGS sequencing data
  6. NGS Gap-fill
  7. Verification of genomic mutation
Sample Requirements:

Please provide purified DNA in Ultrapure Water or TE buffer.

If you are interested, please send your order details to email