Basic Sequencing

Bio Basic has over 10 years of experience as a DNA Sequencing provider. We offer fast, efficient, and affordable DNA sequencing services to researchers throughout North America, China, Korea, UK and other countries.

We cater to our client’s needs by assigning dedicated project specialists to each project and accommodating their specific requirements to ensure successful project completion Through Sanger sequencing via capillary electrophoresis of fluorescent-labelled DNA-fragments, read lengths of up to 1000bp (typically 800-1000bp) are achieved.

Accepted Sample Types

PCR products, Plasmids, Genomic DNA and RCA products

Service Types
  1. Standard sequencing
  2. Ready-to-Run with Dye Removal
  3. Ready-to-Run (dry pellet)
  4. PCR clean-up
  5. Gel extraction
  6. PCR set-up for Genomic DNA
Why Work With Us?

Free Additional Runs
When sequencing with us, if the first run fails, we provide one additional run along with troubleshooting at no extra cost, to maximize the chance for success on the second run.

Free Gel Analysis
We will perform gel analysis at additional cost for QC of the fragment length.

100+ Free Universal Primers
We provide more than 100 free universal primers to cater to your sequencing reaction.

Turnaround Time
24 hours (on a business day) upon sample receipt (Sanger). The results for samples submitted on Friday will be uploaded on Saturday morning.

For more information regarding sample requirement and result troubleshooting, please visit our portal  Alternatively, feel free to contact us via or +65 6928 9042.